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We provide the best quality products for Dog Groomers, Hairdressers and your Shaving Equipment needs and we pride ourselves on giving both great customer service and after sales service.

We also offer a comprehensive Scissors and Clipper Blade Sharpening Service and Servicing and Repairs for Clippers, Hairdryers and Stand Dryers.

This year we are also proud to sponsor the Aesculap Scholarship Scheme for 2016.

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Hairdressing and Shaving Products include

A  comrehensive range of Scissors and Thinning Scissors, we stock Diamond Edge own brand scissors along with Japenese scissors, Ama scissors, Gotta scissors, Jaguar scissors, Roseline scissors, Dovo scissors, Supercut scissors, Timor scissors, Aesculap scissors and Filarmonica scissors. Professional hairdressing clipper brands include cordless clippers and trimmers and clippers with detachable blades. Hairdressing clipper brands include Wahl clippers, Aesculap clippers, Thrive clippers, Oster clippers. Manicure equipment includes, nail scissors, curved cuticle scissors, forceps, toe nail scissors, folding nail clippers, nail files, tweezers and nail nippers. A comprehensive range of hairdressing combs and hairdressing brushes inclde Matador combs and Mason Pearson brushes, Isinis brushes and Denman Brushes. A full range of Shaving brushes and Shaving accessories including Razors, strops and soaps is stocked. The best selling brands of Progress shaving brushes, Simpson shaving brushes, Kent shaving brushes and Mason Pearson shaving brushes,  cover all requirements from luxury badger shaving brushes to the best quality bristle shaving brushes. We also stock salon equipment including neck guards, neck brushes, Wahl tool rolls, scissor holsters, scissor oil, scissors cases and also sterilising cabinets and creams.

Dog Grooming Products include

A  comrehensive range of Dog Scissors and Dog Thinning Scissors, we stock Diamond Edge own brand scissors along with Ama scissors, Gotta scissors, Jaguar scissors, Roseline scissors, Joewell scissors, Timor scissors, Aesculap scissors, Filarmonica scissors. We also carry curved and bent shank scissors and left handed scissors together with nail clippers stripping knives, coat kings, dematting tools and combs including Spratts. Dental scalers both double scalers and single scalers, forceps, tweezers, rakes and spare blades can all be found on our Dog Grooming tools page. Brushing your dogs coat is catered for with our extensive range of Slicker brushes, Pin brushes, Dog grooming bristle brushes and the evpopular Mars Coat King. Our comprehensive clipper range has the best selling brands of Aesculap dog grooming clippers including the Favorita 2, Oster dog clippers, Andis dog clippers, Moser dog clippers and Thrive dog clippers, plus a comprehensive range of Clipper blades to cover all dog grooming requirenments.The Diamond Edge best selling range of Dog Shampoos and conditioners including  Puppy Shampoo will maintain your dogs coats in perfect condition. Grooming tables and grooming control aids together with Dog dryers and blasters and Dog cabinet dryers and Stand dryrers will make your grooming easy, efficient and speedy. Our best selling Wren dog kennel heater comes with a choce of element bulbs to ensure the right environment for whelping and general pet welfare. We have a selected range of dog collars, dog leads and dog harnesses.

Tailor and Domestic Scissors.

We carry a wide range of quality scissors for both domestic and professional use; including, paperhanging shears, dressmaking scissors, Vine scissors, Thread clip scissors, Buttonhole scissors, Emboidery scissors, Kitchen scissors, Surgical dressing scissors, Pinking shears and a range of Wilkinson Tailors Shears and Wilinsons Tailors trimmers.

Scissor Sharpening

We also maintain your scissors with our scissor sharpening and clipper blade sharpening service and we service and maintain all types of dryers and clippers and supply spare parts for most Dog grooming clipper brands.

Offers & Updates

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